Morgan Stanley - Software Developer

Currently interning in the Enterprise, Technology and Risk division.



Software Engineer Intern

Interned at Ericsson Canada in Montreal's office in the innovation platform.


Project Creepto

A Binance Trading Bot

Creepto redefines the stock screener by allowing the user to customize their strategies, and have the bot automatically send notifications on all possible tickers in the binance exchange platform.

This web application is still under development, please feel free to contact me if you're interested in hearing more about it.


Game Development

McGameJam 2018

Type Racer Game using Unity3d Engine, developed at McGameJam 2018 within 48 hours.
Received honourable mention by Ubisoft judges.


CAE - Avionic Systems Designer Intern

I had the opportunity to intern for 16 months as an electrical system designer to work on latest flight simulators at CAE, a worldwide leader in training for the civil aviation, defence and security, and healthcare markets.

A part of my work consisted of redesigning legacy visual systems' computer clusters to support the new simulators' computing facilities.
Major projects involved the US Army Fixed Wing & Canadian Coast Guard


Android Development

An android application that aims to help people to eat better using IBM Watson's AI visual recognition API and fatsecret's API to quickly evaluate a person's dietary restriction based on their medical background by simply snapping a picture of their food.

This is a concept developed within 24 hours during ConUHacks III, a hackathon hosted by Concordia University.


Autonomous Robot Competition [1st Place]

On my freshman year, I led a team of six, as a project manager and Java developer, against 18 other undergraduate teams in the Faculty of Engineering to design an autonomous robot with ultrasonic and light sensors capable of navigating a randomized map and launching projectiles at targets.

A part of my design and implementation consists of obstacle avoidance, odometry, moving average, and differential filtering algorithms in Java.